21 Sep / 5 FACTS about Kerillian the Waywatcher

If you ever happen to pass by a tall figure with shadowy eyes, walking the streets of the Empire, you might have been lucky enough to seen the elven Waywatcher, Kerillian. However, if you value your life do not try to stop her for a chat – instead read these facts!


1. Waywatchers are charged with guarding the paths of Athel Loren, the home of the Wood Elves. A duty Kerillian performed for hundreds of years, slaying trespassing Beastmen as well as curious Bretonnian peasant boys foolish enough to enter the woods.


2. Even for a Wood Elf, Kerillian’s sight was sharp, said to be able to pick off a ladybird eating a leaf at a hundred paces away.

This gift, however, coupled with her natural curiosity of all things pertaining her beloved forest, would trigger a series events that would ultimately leave her misplaced, walking the realms of men against her will.   


3. One autumnal night, when both moons rode high in the sky, Kerillian spotted a Spellsinger. The Elf mage was no trespasser and so there was no reason Kerillian should have kept track of him, and yet she did.

The Waywatcher followed the mage from above as he walked deeper into the forest… and put her on a path from which there was no turning back.


4. Why Kerillian is in exile from her homeland is still a mystery, as she simply refuses to speak of it. The same goes for where her travels within the Empire took her, before the fateful meeting with the Dwarf, Bardin Goreksson, outside Stromdorf..


5. Like all elves, Kerillian considers humans an inferior species.  She regards them as nothing more than clueless children, and treats them accordingly, although completely lacking anything remotely resembling motherly love.

Quite the contrary, she refers to humans as ‘Lumberfoots’ and ‘Mayflies’ and constantly berates the rest of the heroes.


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