28 Sep / 5 FACTS about Sienna the Bright Wizard

It’s time once more heroes. Today we learn more about the pyromaniac Bright Wizard, Sienna Fuegonasus. An addict to some, and a skilled Battle Wizard to others.


1. Sienna was sent away from her village in Estalia at a young age after rumours had spread of her natural magical abilities. Sienna travelled with merchant caravans, slowly making her way across the Old World to Altdorf to apply for the College of the Bright Order.


2.  Accepted into the College of the Bright Order, Sienna mastered the Lore of Fire through years of study and practice, but it eventually became clear that she lacked both passion and patience for further scholarly pursuits.

Instead, she embarked on a career as a Battle Wizard, supporting the Imperial armies in the field with her destructive powers.


3. From an early age, Sienna had always felt a void inside her that could only be filled by the addictive rush of intense spell casting.

Fire magic became Sienna’s drug of choice, and with time, she realized that she was an addict. Accepting this fact, she decided to simply push on, and blaze her path through life.


4. Sienna has for many years roamed the land, serving as an Imperial Battle Wizard. She always sought out the campaigns that would provide her with the best opportunities to make things burn on a grand scale, and thereby trigger the adrenaline rush she craved.

Well aware of her precarious situation, Sienna wears a mask of calmness and control to hide her fire magic addiction.


5. Arrested under the suspicion of having killed the son of the Burgomeister of Ubersreik and burning down his mill, she is now in the custody of Victor Saltzpyre, a veteran Witch Hunter.

Saltzpyre hired the skilled and experienced State Trooper Markus Kruber to assist him in escorting the dangerous Bright Wizard to Ubersreik.


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