13 Sep / 5 FACTS about the Dwarf Ranger – Bardin Goreksson

Greetings once more heroes. You might have heard about the great Dwarf Ranger, Bardin Gorkesson. If not – this is your lucky day!


1. Rangers have a reputation for being a bit odd among other Dwarfs. Many believe it’s a result of becoming exposed to fresh air and open skies, and of this, Bardin is a prime example.

Even by Dwarf standard, who in general are a very social and out-spoken folk, he’s considered “chatty” and over-familiar.


2. For decades Bardin has journeyed far and wide among the Grey Mountains to ensure the safety of the holds of Karak Ziflin and Karak Norn.  

During one of his expeditions, he came across an abandoned mine entrance that must have been hidden until recently. Without a second thought, Bardin grabbed his axe and entered.


3. It quickly became clear this was an old Dwarfen mine, long since exhausted of any precious minerals. The Ranger descended deeper into the shaft to find four bodies of his own kind among piles of dead Skaven. Next to them was the unmistakable corpse of a ratman holding a tattered piece of parchment.

Bardin searched the bags of the dead Dwarfs and found a second piece, which to his surprise uncovered an old map, written in an ancient language, to Karak Zorn – the infamous lost southern hold of the Dwarfs.


4. Bardin made several attempts to find funding for an exploration party from the different Holds in the Grey Mountains, but was continuously denied, and ended up a laughingstock.  This humiliating fact only served to steady his resolve even further.  

After hearing rumors of a large Dwarfish tome in Ubersreik, which might help him decipher the map to the lost hold, Bardin decided to venture alone and seek it out.


5. Just outside Stromdorf, Bardin ran into an elf named Kerillian. After coming close to killing each other, the unlikely pair traveled to the Thunderwater Inn.

There, they meet three humans who were waiting for the ride to Ubersreik. Together, the five of them boarded the coach and set off into the rain, starting a most unusual journey.


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