Hamilton’s Great Adventure Category: Multiplayer, Puzzle, Self-Published, Singleplayer

Release Date
May 2011 (PC & Playstation®3)

December 2012 (Android)
Puzzle Adventure Platformer
Offline Co-Op up to 2 players (PC & Playstation®3 only)
PC, Playstation®3 & Android
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Hamilton’s Great Adventure puts your problem solving and timing skills to the test. Outsmart the enemies, rush through the levels and collect all the bling to ensure your place on the leaderboards.

In single player, switch between Hamilton and Sasha the bird to get through more than 60 challenging levels, or play the game in offline co-op mode and control one character each!

The increasing difficulty will keep even the most seasoned gamers on their toes and only the players with Mad Skillz will make it to the end. Will you be one of the select few in the world to complete the Toader level 100%?


“A blend of third-person platformer and unforgiving puzzle that pulls you in with impeccable logic – then spits you out, entertained 84%”
– PS3 Magazine UK

“This game is intensely immersive, full to the max with mind-bogglingly difficult puzzles and high quality graphics you’ll be surprised your mobile device can work with. It would appear that Fatshark has a winner on their hands as far as gigantic Android games go”
– Slashgear November 2012