Krater Category: Action, Multiplayer, RPG, Self-Published, Singleplayer

Release Date
June 2012
Squad Based Action RPG
Online Co-Op up to 2 Players
PC & Mac
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Krater: Shadows over Solside is a real-time squad based dungeon crawling game. The game combines fast paced combat, tactical squad management, crafting, and questing all seen from a classic RTS perspective.
While the game’s campaign can be played offline, the Co-Op expansion adds the opportunity to tackle hours of specially designed online Co-Op dungeons and bosses.

The game brings you far into the future of a post-apocalyptic Sweden. Once home to IKEA, Vikings, and Minecraft, today its primitive inhabitants scavenge the broken overgrown world for technological artifacts.

“For fifteen dollars, you get a well-made dungeon crawler that fans of Dawn of War and Diablo will completely eat up. The game has a lot of charm in the character design and an in-depth take on crafting and character customization. With online co-op on the way, the inexpensive price tag makes the game a complete steal. I highly recommend Krater.”
– ZTGD, June 2012