06 Oct / Stromdorf – OUT NOW for PS4™ and Xbox One

Today we released Stromdorf on PS4™ and Xbox One – the latest DLC for Warhammer®: End Times – Vermintide™.

“We are happy to bring the console rat slayers two new levels to master” says Martin Wahlund, our CEO. “In Stromdorf there are not only enemies to encounter, also the weather is against you”.

Stromdorf introduces two brand new levels, as well as a mighty two-handed sword for Markus Kruber, as well as some new achievements/trophies.

Not only that, but the latest updates to Vermintide on console include the free Arrogance Lost DLC featuring a host of balance changes and tweaks to the game (plus a secret challenge level!). The free Lorebook DLC is also live which introduces collectible pages to all the levels which in turn reveal new and historic details to the players about the heroes and the world they live (and die!) in. Last but not least, the Reikshammer Contracts – another free update offering new daily challenge types found within the Quest & Contract rotations!

Last but by no means least, the console players can enjoy the first, fully optional, hero skins available for Vermintide! There’s one per hero and they’re available in both platform’s digital stores now.

By Leo Wakelin in News, Releases