04 May / Vermintide DLC Stromdorf Out Now

STOCKHOLM MAY 4, 2017. Today Fatshark released Stromdorf – a new DLC to their million selling hit game Warhammer®: End Times – Vermintide™.

“We are really excited to bring the players yet another DLC to expand the Vermintide experience further” says Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark. “Buckle up, this will be a Skaven infested ride!”. 

Watch the Release Trailer here:


Joakim Setterberg, our Lead Designer, has this to say about Stromdorf:

Q: Stromdorf seems like such a miserable interesting place, where can I read more about it?
A: Check out (or play!) the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign The Gathering Storm. A keen observer will find a lot of references to characters, locations and events in the DLC.

Q: Why did you choose Stromdorf as a location for Vermintide?
A: Stromdorf is a fantastic, classic Warhammer location, and it has actually been featured before in a Vermintide context; this is where Kerillian and Bardin meet up the rest of our heroes for their shared ride into Ubersreik (as our console players might remember from playing the tutorial level). We really wanted to give our players the chance to experience and explore the Stromdorf we envisioned – the miserable, rain-drenched town that became the starting point of our heroes’ journey. And, of course, to add a few surprises of our own.

By Cecilia Larsson in Announcements, News, Releases, Uncategorized